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Yves Ulysse Souris

Yves Souris has a solid professional background in accounting and tax advice, audit, industry and employers' organisations. He is a certified tax accountant and judicial expert.

He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from KU Leuven, a postgraduate (DES) in Audit, Corporate Finance and Accounting from UMons and a degree in Applied Economics from UCLouvain FUCaM Mons.


Established professional

Registered in his own name on the French-speaking ITAA register under no. 11.142.77 and in the firm's one on the Dutch-speaking register under no. 50.828.909. He is also listed in the national register of judicial experts regarding financial matters under no. EXP227.66.68. Active member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Belgium.


Fundación Corinto

The Corinto Foundation was set up in 2010 by a group of twenty Málaga brotherhoods with the aim of opening a social bursary to help families in need or at risk of social exclusion.

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