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You want to set up your own business, but you don't know where to start. What are the administrative and legal formalities? Which status should you go for? Is it possible to benefit from any subsidies?


Becoming self-employed is a big step that requires careful preparation. The status you choose will depend on your situation. Self-employment as a sideline may be a solution.


Subsidiaries and branches are the two main ways in which foreign companies generally set up business in Belgium.


Financial analysis, acquisition audits, accounting integration... the operations involved in mergers and acquisitions are legion. Having the right people at hand is a key success factor.

Business transfer

Transferring a business means starting a second life. But it also means being exposed to a wide range of challenges, such as inheritance law.


In a sale, it is important to follow certain steps to avoid any unpleasant surprises, such as sale on the cheap, tax adjustment, legal problems with the buyer, buyer who does not ensure the company's long-term future, etc.

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Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) advice.

- Personal Income Tax (IPP), Corporate Tax (ISOC), Legal Persons Tax (IPM), Non-Residents Tax (INR), Regional and Community Taxes, Municipal and Provincial Taxes;
- Value added tax (VAT), Taxes assimilated to income taxes, Taxes assimilated to stamp duty;
- Registration duties, Inheritance tax, Customs duties, Excise duties, European tax law;
- Bilateral conventions for the prevention of double taxation with respect to taxes on income and International treaties and agreements on inheritance tax;
- Accreditation as an International Non-Profit Association (AISBL) or Foundation;
- Approval to the deductibility of donations.

Assistance & representation

Assistance and representation in the fulfillment of your tax or VAT obligations.

- Preparation or control of tax declarations or tax forms (direct or indirect taxes);
- Assistance at each stage of the tax procedure (e.g. in income tax matters: request for information, notice of rectification, notice of ex officio taxation, complaint);
- Verification of warnings-role statements;
- Assistance during an on-the-spot check;
- Preparation of documents required for the application of tax reductions or exemptions under bilateral double taxation treaties;
- Calculation of advance tax payments;
- Preparation of all listings and similar VAT forms;
- VAT return of foreign companies, OSS or IOSS declarations, INTRASTAT declarations and One Gate Statements.


Assistance in matters of economic legislation and/or arising from the Companies and Associations Code (CSA).

- Registration of companies or associations;
- Official publications;
- Financial plan;
- Electronic register of shareholders;
- UBO register;
- Transformation of companies or associations;
- Merger of companies or associations;
- Spin-offs of companies;
- Forced transfer of securities;
- Assistance in terms of individual powers of investigation and control of partners;
- Dissolution of companies, associations or foundations.


Missions d’expertise privée ou judiciaire.

- Private or judicial assessment of the situation and operations of companies from the point of view of their credit, performance and risks;
- Control of the regularity, completeness and reliability of the books and the annual accounts;
- Financial analysis to determine the position of the enterprise in terms of its credit, return and risks;
- Determining the value of a business;
- Assistance in the transfer of a business;
- Accounting and financial diagnosis prior to a transaction ("Due Diligence");
- Control and adjustment of accounts and certificate or expert report intended to be given to third parties.


Bookkeeping of all sorts.

- Advice on the organization and flow of accounting documents;
- Implementation of accounting softwares;
- Establishment of a chart of accounts adapted to the needs of the company;
- General bookkeeping;
- Analytical accounts;
- Accounting closing operations;
- Interim financial statements, annual accounts;
- Reporting of subsidiaries to their parent company.


Organization of accounting and administrative services of companies.

- Design and implementation of the organization of the accounting and administrative services of a company;
- Formulation of advice to improve the organization of accounting and administrative services of a company;
- Implementation of an accounting and financial reporting system;
- Examination of the advisability of a cost accounting system and its implementation;
- Advice on the organization of management control;
- Advice on the organization of the internal control function and/or the application of internal control procedures.


Calculations of social security contributions.

Calculations of social security contributions of directors or self-employed persons as well as benefits related to their duties, including supplementary insurance, declarations of withholding tax and advice on this subject.


The flexibility of an independent practice, combined to the rigour of a strictly regulated profession.

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